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This Just In: Gala Rain Update!

Dec 4, 2014   //   by kelseywyser   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments

Last night, the ladies of Desert Club worked tirelessly and long to get everything set up for the Gala today.
Tables, chairs, table cloths, chandeliers, center pieces, the works! Oh and not to mention a $10,000 tent that is not going to be used now, all that for nothing!

This morning they were greeted by.. get this.. 3 inches of rain!

Hours went by trying to drain the lawn and still had an inch of rain. Nevertheless, the show must go on! And that is exactly what these ladies are doing. Everything had to be moved to the patio because of the rain.

Talk about raining on a huge parade!

All day these ladies have been gearing up and getting everything fixed and ready. In just under an hour the Gala will take place, these ladies will stop at nothing, rain or shine. So if you are attending the Gala, don’t worry too much everything will still go well. Despite the rain, they have managed to work their magic and regardless of the weather keep the show running and there will still be a Gala.

As Viviane Green once put it “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

And that’s exactly how Desert Club is handling it, making due no matter what the weather. Rain Photo



3 Reasons You Should Attend Gala & Luncheons and Get Your Tickets Now!

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Before each Idea House opens to the public, there is a grand Gala the day before tours begin on Friday at 4pm. Gala is for those early birds who want first pick at the goods and it is also a great event to start getting money raised for the charities and scholarships for the year.

Gala Set Up Resized


1. First come first serve, first dibs.

Before the madness begins, those who attend the Gala get to go through the Idea House for the first time being completely decorated. Think of attending Gala as the premier Idea House opportunity and is worth the extra cost.


2. All profits go to scholarships and charity

All the proceeds and profits help supplement the funds for charities and scholarships for high school seniors who need that extra boost to get into college. It is a win, win situation where you get first dibs on unique decorations and items and it’s all going for good causes.


3. Get to see everything brand new before the public runs through

The Idea House gets pretty packed when it opens to the public, dare I say it becomes a “mad house.” However, those that attend the Gala and luncheons work with a much smaller crowd of only a couple hundred compared to couple thousand. Don’t like crowds but still want the goods? Then these are the perfect events for you to attend with a spouse or loved one.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, attend the Gala today!

How to Make the Famous Desert Club Bow Revealed!

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How to Bow Instruction Infographic_resized

Desert Club is famous around Arizona for their perfectly done Christmas bows. Indeed, it is part of their signature as a club and is in their logo with a big bow on a house.

Here we get a small infographic tutorial on how to make a Desert Club Gift Bow that will carry you through the holidays.
Making bows does not have to be super complicated and it shows here in these six easy steps.

Voila! You have a beautiful bow any Desert club member would be proud of.

Stay tuned for more craft tips and secrets coming to the blog!

Get Ready…. Get Set…. Decorate!

Dec 2, 2014   //   by kelseywyser   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments

Yesterday was the first official day of Christmas Idea House set up!

The grand finale of the year is finally here, as these ladies get ready for the big weekend December 5-6.

It’s time to go full throttle and overdrive into Christmas, and that’s exactly what Desert Club is up to this week. Approximately 9000 square feet of nothing but Christmas décor.

This grand home has a huge kitchen and family room combo, game room with a home theatre on the side.

There are at least six bedrooms plus a den, huge laundry room, lots of storage, formal living and dining rooms.This wondrous home is turned into a Christmas Palace this week.

The Idea House sits in an amazing neighborhood set in Morrison Ranch with picturesque white picket fences. This is a memorable opportunity that no one will want to miss!

To get first dib’s on the offerings at the house, don’t forget to get tickets to the Gala or Luncheons. With the Idea House fully loaded, prepped, and ready to go the best pieces will surely be grasped right off the bat.

Can’t make it to either one? Come stop on by anyway and see what’s available at the public tours starting this Friday at 4pm.

Get to Know Desert Club 2014 President Carol Jordan

Nov 29, 2014   //   by kelseywyser   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments

Here is the scoop on the 2014 Desert Club President. Carol Jordan was kind enough to take a little bit of time and allow me to interview her. Carol has been in desert club for 10 years and has 4 children and 11 grandchildren.

When asked how she balances desert club and family life, she said:

“Everyone knows from mid November to beginning of December I’m not available to babysit or anything. My family usually helps in some way or another…they are just very supportive. My husband and son got a suburban and run members to and from house instead of a bus, cashiers, or anything we need they are always there to help.”

Read on to discover more about Carol Jordan and her time in Desert Club:

Carol Jordan

• How did you hear about desert club?

I first saw it on TV, and I liked crafts and we had just moved here from San Diego.

• What is your favorite part of desert club?

I love all the ladies and friends that I have made here.

• Which house has been your favorite House?

Each house has its own flair and something different stands out. Each year has something special and cant say that any certain one is an all time favorite.

• What is you favorite part of the house this year?

The Gala is going to stand out for me this year this is the first time I am in charge of the Gala. We are having a live auction for the first time in several years, and having an MC, it should be a great Gala this year.

• When is the Gala?

Thursday Night December 4th.

• How can someone come to Gala?

We have a database of names of people who have come in the past and they receive an invitation. Anyone can come that finds out about it, but it is an extra cost. Those that come to the Gala get first pick and buy from what is available at the Idea House before it is open to the public.

• How many people usually attend the Gala?

Anywhere between 200-300 at the Gala.

• What have you enjoyed most about being president?

Getting to know everyone a little bit better.

• How do you find people to join desert club?

“I’m real concerned that desert club is starting to die off, and more women are choosing to work. They don’t want to commit more time to something away from their families.”

It’s been tough lately; we put a sign by the pay station during the idea house. Every club member talks about desert club, and this year a member created some vinyl so members can put it on their car.

• Have you considered giving an extra emphasis on social media?

We have a couple young new members that are into that and we are very excited to have them.

We used to have a telephone committee that would call everyone, but we are trying to turn it into a technology and communication committee. Over the last 4-5 years email has been a big part of the way we communicate. We’re learning and we’re trying.

• What do you look for in a scholarship applicant?

The things we look for the most in interviewing kids are their story. Many of them come from bad backgrounds but have worked through it and out of it. We get to really feel for these kids and want to help them.

The ones who really tug at our heartstrings the most and meet criteria are the ones we end up helping. They need to meet required criteria and if their story is good, then we consider them. The more detail they give, the better we are to get to know them and get a feel for them as a person.

• How does Desert Club team up with charities?

Charities have to apply in a similar way to scholarship applicants but we do have a separate application for charities. They send criteria to get funds for their charities and Desert Club has to approve it. Committee decides how much and to which charities.

• How many charities apply each year?
About 20 apply each year we usually give money to 10-15 charities each year depending on the funds available.

• What is scholarship night?

When we have scholarship night, we tell a little about the kids and their story, introduce them and their families and give them their scholarship.

• What is project night?

With project night it’s the same thing as scholarship night but with charities. We tell a little about them and their cause and award them their funds.


Come meet Carol Jordan at the Christmas Idea House next Friday and Saturday, you will love getting to know her and all the wonderful ladies of Desert Club!

Growing up with Desert Club: An Organization by families for families

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As a child I was awed every Christmas season at the grandeur and beauty of the homes, decorations, and toys like a Christmas wonderland. Now, as an adult, I am amazed and so appreciative of the time and effort these strong, dedicated, busy, and wonderful women and mothers put into this organization.

I had my first taste of Desert Club when my mother Karma joined in 1995. For about three quarters of my life my mother has been involved with Desert Club. It’s safe to say that I don’t remember life without desert club being a part of our family Christmas season.

Desert Club house

Throughout the years I have noticed what a great organization this is and what it has done for my mother.
She, like many women in Desert Club has many other duties her life is dedicated to.

However, with Desert Club, this is something for her, a place where she can serve outside her day to day life and make an even greater impact to others.

To give everyone an idea of what these women do to prepare for each Christmas Season, this is their typical year:

January: Evaluate how much profit was made and scholarship applicants and community grants and review. Announce theme for 2015 Christmas Idea House and go to World Market.

February-March: Review applications and interviewing students and people for community grants and choose where money goes.

April: Spring Luncheon- 2015 house announced, and member appreciation.

May: Get orders in from World Market, start crafting pieces. Tour new house chosen.

June: World Market Trip round two if necessary, workshops.

July: World Market and more items arrive, workshops.

August: Workshops

September: Fall Dinner, tour house again.

October: Meetings and workshops

November: Review rooms, sneak peak (bring something from room to show club).

December: Desert Club Idea House!

Can you imagine giving and having the Christmas spirit all year long? These ladies do, all year every year! Come show your support by attending the Christmas Idea House December 5-6th and give back to your community while gaining something beautiful for your family.

Author Bio: Stephanie is the youngest daughter to long time member Karma Gifford. She is a Marketing Major at UVU and Inbound Marketing Specialist at Digital Flavor, a premium inbound marketing agency.
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Tis’ the Season the Season to Serve!

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It’s getting to that time of year to gear up for Christmas once again! And what better way to get prepared for the upcoming Christmas season than to serve those around you? The true spirit of Christmas is about giving to others who may not have quite as much. The ladies of Desert Club are a prime example of the spirit of service giving their time, talents, energy and love in all the work they do.

For most people Christmas is once a year but with Desert Club it runs all year long. These ladies are like little elves hard at work
every month to bring the Christmas spirit to charities and
benefit high school seniors each year.

One of the best parts of the Christmas season is it allows communities to be more service oriented, charitable and a little more kind to their fellow man. In the spirit of service, Desert Club has coordinated with the following charities:

  • Hope Women’s Center
  • AZ Brain Food
  • Oakwood Creative Care (formerly Sirrine Day Care of Mesa)
  • Peer Solutions
  • East Valley Adult Resources
  • Save the Family
  • Sharing Down Syndrome
  • Arizona Disabled Sports
  • Arizona Blankets for Kids
  • Sage Foundation
  • Down Syndrome Network

This Christmas season we invite you to serve. Service can be done in little ways by small acts of kindness or more drastic measure such as volunteering at one of the aforementioned charities.  Whatever you choose, choose to serve and truly it will be a joyous Christmas, Joyeux Noel.

Let us know how you chose to serve this Christmas season in the comments below and have a joyful Christmas Season ahead.


2019 Christmas Idea House

The theme for the 2019 Christmas Idea House is “A Lasting Impression.” This year’s Christmas Idea House promises to be a “destination to remember” for visitors and shoppers alike who crave something truly unique for the holidays!

Picture Previews

Christmas Idea House 2009 - Family Room Christmas Idea House 2009 - Print Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 1.34.02 PM img_7680 img_7691 img_7695 img_7667