This Just In: Gala Rain Update!

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Last night, the ladies of Desert Club worked tirelessly and long to get everything set up for the Gala today.
Tables, chairs, table cloths, chandeliers, center pieces, the works! Oh and not to mention a $10,000 tent that is not going to be used now, all that for nothing!

This morning they were greeted by.. get this.. 3 inches of rain!

Hours went by trying to drain the lawn and still had an inch of rain. Nevertheless, the show must go on! And that is exactly what these ladies are doing. Everything had to be moved to the patio because of the rain.

Talk about raining on a huge parade!

All day these ladies have been gearing up and getting everything fixed and ready. In just under an hour the Gala will take place, these ladies will stop at nothing, rain or shine. So if you are attending the Gala, don’t worry too much everything will still go well. Despite the rain, they have managed to work their magic and regardless of the weather keep the show running and there will still be a Gala.

As Viviane Green once put it “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

And that’s exactly how Desert Club is handling it, making due no matter what the weather. Rain Photo



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