Gala and Brunch

The Christmas Idea House Preview Gala and Preview Brunch

These exclusive events are for those early birds who want first pick at the goods. They are also a great way to kick off the spirit of giving for the charities and scholarships for the year. Here are three reasons you should attend the experiences known as Preview Gala and Preview Brunch.

1. First come, first serve, first dibs

Get the best selection by being part of a select group of visitors. Before the madness begins, those who attend the Preview events get to go through the Christmas Idea House first. They are able to select from the best assortment of holiday decor, unique gifts, and Christmas treasures. The trees are fully stocked with a variety of options. The rooms are stuffed to the brim with all of the items that have been curated and created for the event. Many of the unique, high-dollar items are gone quickly so you may want to be early to get what you want. 

2. A fully catered experience that does good for others

The food and drink are top notch at our Preview Gala and Preview Brunch.  Guests can choose to shop first then eat or enjoy a relaxing meal and shop afterwards.  The Public Tour does not include a meal. All the proceeds and profits help supplement the funds for charities and scholarships for high school seniors who need that extra boost to get into college. 

3. Get to see everything brand new before the public runs through

The Christmas Idea House Public Tour gets pretty packed when it opens to the general public, dare I say it becomes a “mad house.” However, those that attend the Gala and Brunch have exclusive access. They are visiting the Christmas Idea House with a much smaller crowd of only several hundred compared to several thousand. Don’t like crowds but still want the goods? Then these are the perfect events for you to attend with a spouse or loved one. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, buy your tickets to attend a preview event today!

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Upcoming Events

Desert Club of Mesa is looking forward to presenting DEAR SANTA in 2022.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Check back regularly for information about the 2022 Christmas Idea House!

Special Memories

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