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Community Grants 2020

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At the annual project night celebration, Desert Club of Mesa honored eight non-profit organizations with community grants.  Project Night 2020 was a touching event as we heard personal stories from each organization’s representative. 

Room for Joy – Room For Joy’s mission is to enhance the healing process of chronically ill children by providing fun, imaginative, medically appropriate bedroom renovations, focusing on their individual needs, wishes and medical conditions. They strive to bring hope and joy to the children and their families, one room at a time. 

AZ Blankets 4 Kids   – AZ Blankets 4 Kids is an all-volunteer non-profit organization serving children in need in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Their goal is to provide comforting blankets and quilts to needy, seriously ill and traumatized children in the community.

AZ Cancer Fund for Children – Arizona Cancer Fund For Children has a mission to provide social, emotional and financial support for families managing the health and well being of a loved one with pediatric cancer. They take pride in providing practical support directly to families.

AZ Friends of Foster Children Foundation – The more than 13,000 children currently in foster care in Arizona depend on AFFCF to provide them with something extra to help raise their self-esteem and bring them closer to experiencing a normal childhood.

Child Crisis Arizona – Child Crisis Arizona provides emergency shelter, foster care, adoption, counseling, early education, home visitation, and parenting support services to Arizona’s most vulnerable children and families. Their mission is to provide children and youth in Arizona a safe environment, free from abuse and neglect, by creating strong and successful families.

Care Fund – The mission of Care Fund is to financially and resourcefully support Arizona families who endure financial hardship while experiencing extended illness or injury of their children. The Care Fund provides mortgage and rent support during a child’s extended health crisis.

Mesa Association of Sports for the Disabled – Recognizing the importance of recreational, leisure and competitive opportunities that contribute to the quality of life, the primary mission of the Mesa Association of Sports for the Disabled is to provide a variety of programs and activities to individuals with disabilities.

Westwood High School Band – New Band director David Wick is working to rebuild the musical program at Westwood High School after multiple staff members have left. The band has won awards for their division under new direction but struggles to repair and replace instruments due to the financial hardships of the students and families. 


Fox 10 News Sneak Peak

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It’s about that time again for the Fox 10 News sneak peak at the house in a video tour!

Give your holiday senses a taste teaser with this news reel . Each year, Fox 10 News teams with Desert Club and guides the media through the house before any of the events begin like the Luncheons, Gala, and public tours.

Check out this news link for a preview of what is to come!

Get inspired at Christmas Idea House – FOX 10 News |

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.27.46 PM


What a grand year to have a Joyous Noel, you wont want to miss the Idea House this weekend!

Tomorrow the Desert Club Christmas Idea House will officially open to the public starting at 4pm-8pm and Saturday from
9am-4pm. Bring at least one canned food item and get a $2 ticket discount at the door. Canned food will be donated to a local food bank.

Hope to see everyone there! It will be a Christmas Delight starting tomorrow night! May the festivities begin!

3 Reasons You Should Attend Gala & Luncheons and Get Your Tickets Now!

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Before each Idea House opens to the public, there is a grand Gala the day before tours begin on Friday at 4pm. Gala is for those early birds who want first pick at the goods and it is also a great event to start getting money raised for the charities and scholarships for the year.


1. First come first serve, first dibs.

Before the madness begins, those who attend the Gala get to go through the Idea House for the first time being completely decorated. Think of attending Gala as the premier Idea House opportunity and is worth the extra cost.


2. All profits go to scholarships and charity

All the proceeds and profits help supplement the funds for charities and scholarships for high school seniors who need that extra boost to get into college. It is a win, win situation where you get first dibs on unique decorations and items and it’s all going for good causes.


3. Get to see everything brand new before the public runs through

The Idea House gets pretty packed when it opens to the public, dare I say it becomes a “mad house.” However, those that attend the Gala and luncheons work with a much smaller crowd of only a couple hundred compared to couple thousand. Don’t like crowds but still want the goods? Then these are the perfect events for you to attend with a spouse or loved one.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, attend the Gala today!

How to Make the Famous Desert Club Bow Revealed!

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How to Bow Instruction Infographic_resized

Desert Club is famous around Arizona for their perfectly done Christmas bows. Indeed, it is part of their signature as a club and is in their logo with a big bow on a house.

Here we get a small infographic tutorial on how to make a Desert Club Gift Bow that will carry you through the holidays.
Making bows does not have to be super complicated and it shows here in these six easy steps.

Voila! You have a beautiful bow any Desert club member would be proud of.

Stay tuned for more craft tips and secrets coming to the blog!

Get Ready…. Get Set…. Decorate!

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Yesterday was the first official day of Christmas Idea House set up!

The grand finale of the year is finally here, as these ladies get ready for the big weekend December 5-6.

It’s time to go full throttle and overdrive into Christmas, and that’s exactly what Desert Club is up to this week. Approximately 9000 square feet of nothing but Christmas décor.

This grand home has a huge kitchen and family room combo, game room with a home theatre on the side.

There are at least six bedrooms plus a den, huge laundry room, lots of storage, formal living and dining rooms.This wondrous home is turned into a Christmas Palace this week.

The Idea House sits in an amazing neighborhood set in Morrison Ranch with picturesque white picket fences. This is a memorable opportunity that no one will want to miss!

To get first dib’s on the offerings at the house, don’t forget to get tickets to the Gala or Luncheons. With the Idea House fully loaded, prepped, and ready to go the best pieces will surely be grasped right off the bat.

Can’t make it to either one? Come stop on by anyway and see what’s available at the public tours starting this Friday at 4pm.

Growing up with Desert Club: An Organization by families for families

Nov 17, 2014   //   by   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments

As a child I was awed every Christmas season at the grandeur and beauty of the homes, decorations, and toys like a Christmas wonderland. Now, as an adult, I am amazed and so appreciative of the time and effort these strong, dedicated, busy, and wonderful women and mothers put into this organization.

I had my first taste of Desert Club when my mother Karma joined in 1995. For about three quarters of my life my mother has been involved with Desert Club. It’s safe to say that I don’t remember life without desert club being a part of our family Christmas season.

Desert Club house

Throughout the years I have noticed what a great organization this is and what it has done for my mother.
She, like many women in Desert Club has many other duties her life is dedicated to.

However, with Desert Club, this is something for her, a place where she can serve outside her day to day life and make an even greater impact to others.

To give everyone an idea of what these women do to prepare for each Christmas Season, this is their typical year:

January: Evaluate how much profit was made and scholarship applicants and community grants and review. Announce theme for 2015 Christmas Idea House and go to World Market.

February-March: Review applications and interviewing students and people for community grants and choose where money goes.

April: Spring Luncheon- 2015 house announced, and member appreciation.

May: Get orders in from World Market, start crafting pieces. Tour new house chosen.

June: World Market Trip round two if necessary, workshops.

July: World Market and more items arrive, workshops.

August: Workshops

September: Fall Dinner, tour house again.

October: Meetings and workshops

November: Review rooms, sneak peak (bring something from room to show club).

December: Desert Club Idea House!

Can you imagine giving and having the Christmas spirit all year long? These ladies do, all year every year! Come show your support by attending the Christmas Idea House December 5-6th and give back to your community while gaining something beautiful for your family.

Author Bio: Stephanie is the youngest daughter to long time member Karma Gifford. She is a Marketing Major at UVU and Inbound Marketing Specialist at Digital Flavor, a premium inbound marketing agency.
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