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Members of Desert Club take pride in continuing a  long tradition of service. It was organized as a women’s service club in September 1946 under the direction of president Helen Coleman. Today we have 25 active members and over 100 life and sustaining members who continue to raise money to support community grants and scholarships. Our members are volunteers and Desert Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are made up of all ages and all backgrounds and together we accomplish amazing things! 

Regular meetings of Desert Club are held in Mesa on the second and fourth Wednesday from the end of September through the end of April. Each meeting begins at 7:00PM with a half hour of social time for fellowship and refreshments. The meetings are led by our Desert Club president and conducted in accordance to our bylaws. Many of our meetings include opportunities for the members to learn new skills or information and just have fun together. 

Our members also gather for special club events such as the annual Fall Dinner, Christmas Party, and Spring Luncheon. Committees are established to prepare for fundraising events. These teams work outside of the regular meetings in workshops to prepare items for sale at the Christmas Idea House. Some of our most memorable times happen at workshops such as the annual Fudge Workshop and Gourmet Workshop. 

Do you want to know more about Desert Club or visit a meeting to see if Desert Club is right for you? Our Membership Chairperson would be glad to connect with you and answer your questions. We also have an Advisor to New Members who will help you learn the traditions and rich history of Desert Club once you join. The ladies who you meet at Desert Club often become lifelong friends. 

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Upcoming Events

Desert Club of Mesa is looking forward to presenting DEAR SANTA in 2022.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Check back regularly for information about the 2022 Christmas Idea House!

Special Memories

Christmas Idea House 2009 - Master Bedroom Grounds with pool, fire and gazebo Entry Hall Tree Friends of Foster Children idea-house-2011-formal-living CIH 2011 CIH 2011 CIH 2011 CIH 2011 CIH 2011