Growing Up With Desert Club

Growing Up With Desert Club: An Organization by Families for Families

As a child I was awed every Christmas season at the grandeur and beauty of the homes, decorations, and toys like a Christmas wonderland. Now, as an adult, I am amazed and so appreciative of the time and effort these strong, dedicated, busy, and wonderful women and mothers put into this organization.

I had my first taste of Desert Club when my mother Karma joined in 1995. For about three quarters of my life my mother has been involved with Desert Club. It’s safe to say that I don’t remember life without Desert Club being a part of our family Christmas season.

Desert Club house

Throughout the years I have noticed what a great organization this is and what it has done for my mother.
She, like many women in Desert Club, has many other duties her life is dedicated to.

However, with Desert Club, this is something for her, a place where she can serve outside her day to day life and make an even greater impact to others.

To give everyone an idea of what these women do to prepare for each Christmas Idea House, this is their typical year:

January: Evaluate how much profit was made and scholarship applicants and community grants and review. Announce theme for the next Christmas Idea House and go to Market.

February-March: Review applications and interviewing students and people for community grants and choose where money goes.

April: Spring Luncheon- The location of the next year’s house announced and member appreciation celebration.

May: Get orders in from  Market, start crafting pieces. Tour new house chosen.

June: Market trip round two if necessary, workshops.

July:  Market and more items arrive, workshops.

August: Workshops to make and decorate items.

September: Fall Dinner, tour house again.

October: Meetings and more workshops

November: Review rooms, sneak peek (bring something from room to show club).

December: Desert Club’s Christmas Idea House Event!

Can you imagine giving and having the Christmas spirit all year long? These ladies do, all year every year! Come show your support by attending the Christmas Idea House and give back to your community while gaining something beautiful for your family.

Author Bio: Stephanie is the youngest daughter of long time member Karma Gifford. She was a Marketing Major at UVU and Inbound Marketing Specialist at Digital Flavor, a premium inbound marketing agency.
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