‘Tis the Season for Service

It’s getting to that time of year to gear up for Christmas once again! And what better way to get prepared for the upcoming Christmas season than to serve those around you? The true spirit of Christmas is about giving to others who may not have quite as much. The ladies of Desert Club are a prime example of the spirit of service giving their time, talents, energy and love in all the work they do.

For most people Christmas is once a year but with Desert Club it runs all year long. These ladies are like little elves hard at work every month to bring the Christmas spirit to charities and benefit high school seniors each year.

One of the best parts of the Christmas season is it allows communities to be more service oriented, charitable and a little more kind to their fellow man. In the spirit of service, Desert Club has coordinated with the following charities:

  • Hope Women’s Center
  • AZ Brain Food
  • Oakwood Creative Care (formerly Sirrine Day Care of Mesa)
  • Peer Solutions
  • East Valley Adult Resources
  • Save the Family
  • Sharing Down Syndrome
  • Arizona Disabled Sports
  • Arizona Blankets for Kids
  • Sage Foundation
  • Down Syndrome Network

This Christmas season we invite you to serve. Service can be done in little ways by small acts of kindness or more drastic measure such as volunteering at one of the aforementioned charities.  Whatever you choose, choose to serve and truly it will be a joyous Christmas, Joyeux Noel.